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Welcome to BLÜ SKOOL, our online video library full of tips and ideas to help grow your business. Browse our educational videos below, or visit our YouTube channel to explore all of our videos.

Website Design for a Retirement Home in Wisconsin

In this video, Lucy Neuberger, web designer at BLU, and Amanda Maurer, SEO Pro at BLU, discuss what goes into creating a user-friendly, search engine optimized, responsive website for businesses within the retirement and nursing home industry.

Tips to Enhance Your Business' Social Media Profiles

The first part of an effective social media strategy is optimizing your profiles. One of our social media pros, Amanda Maurer, gives you 4 great tips to help enhance your business’ social media profiles in this video!

Website Design for a Health Product Company

In this video, Lucy Neuberger, web designer at BLU, discusses what goes into creating a user-friendly, responsive website for businesses within the healthcare industry.

Marketing Q&A Facebook Live Sessions with Brand Builder, Tony Roberts

Check out this Facebook Live Q&A with our Chief Brand Builder, Tony Roberts. In this video, Tony answers questions about how to grow your business in 2017.

3 SEO Mistakes That Are Affecting Your Business

Learn about 3 SEO mistakes that your business’ website might be making that could be drastically effecting your growth and reach to potential customers.

Website Redesign for Texas Trailer Manufacturer

Check out this video to learn how Lucy Neuberger, a web designer at BLU, used specific elements to create value for this new website.

What Makes Up a Brand

Everything matters when it comes to building your brand. Your logo, company name, website, social media, taglines, public relations, employees, and so much more.

History of Social Media: 2006-2016

Check out this brief walk-through of the past decade of social media.

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