15 Ways to Attract LinkedIn Followers

Your LinkedIn company profile has been created, but now you are having trouble attracting followers. Growing your LinkedIn presence all comes down to two main strategies: promoting your page and producing engaging content that drives shares and increases your visibility. But you must do both strategies, doing one of these without the other, will result in an ineffective LinkedIn company page.

Here are 20 ways you can attract new followers to your LinkedIn company profile.

  1. Gather Your Employees

Make sure all of your employees have an active LinkedIn account, that they follow the company page, have the company listed as their workplace, and are also taking time to interact (like, share, and comment) on the posts that your company page is publishing. 

2. Optimize Content for LinkedIn

Different social media channels encourage different forms of content. For example, on LinkedIn, hashtags are not relevant and do not provide any benefit, unlike Twitter and Instagram. According to LinkedIn, “best-of” lists get almost 40% more amplification than regular company posts.

3. Share YouTube Videos

Share YouTube videos with your followers. According to LinkedIn, followers who engage with videos on LinkedIn take twice as many “amplification actions” (shares, comments, etc.) as they do on non-video posts.

4. Optimize Your Profile for Search Engines

Include relevant keywords in your description and in your posts (especially longer, content-heavy posts that tend to do well in search).

5. Promote Your Profile Through Other Channels

Promote your LinkedIn page through your other marketing channels: Facebook, Twitter, your email list, etc. You can also add a button to your email signature.

6. Create LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Create multiple LinkedIn Showcase pages to highlight different departments, product categories or company initiatives. These pages work alongside LinkedIn pages, giving you more opportunities to grow your brand and engage with your customers.

7. Make Sure Current Content is Quality

Add great content to your page (before you even ask for the follow). Your page should be enticing from the get-go, which means you need to have it populated with valuable content before you even work at growing your follower count.

8. Monitor What’s Working

Monitor your LinkedIn analytics to see what kinds of posts are resonating with your audience. Post more of this type of content to increase shares and follows.

9. Post Regularly 

In order to consistently grow your page, you’ll need to make an effort to post relevant content on a regular basis.

10. Take Advantage of What’s Trending

Capitalize on trending topics by creating timely content that will attract clicks. On all social media platforms, generally people like to join discussions, not start them. Check out LinkedIn’s Trending Content to find popular topics you can incorporate into your own page posts.

11. Use Targeted Updates

Use LinkedIn’s targeted updates to segment your page followers. This allows you to tailor your posts to different segments of your audience, increasing relevance and engagement.

12. Ask Questions in Posts

Questions are great for getting engagement, and for generating lively conversations; in fact, questions on LinkedIn get 50% more comments than posts without questions.

13. Follow More Pages & Make More Connections

The larger your network, the more chances you have to grow your page!

14. Use Your Full Business Name

Use your full business name as your page name. Make it as easy as possible for people to find your page when searching for it using Google or on-site search.

15. Have a Complete Profile

Make sure your company profile is complete. LinkedIn shows a preference for complete bios in on-site search, so make sure yours is 100% complete.

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Source: Forbes