Indianapolis marketing campaigns should include social media

Indianapolis-based small businesses hope to stay afloat amid dwindling consumer confidence, and in an economy that’s struggling to recover, more entrepreneurs are turning to social media websites to get their names out, WXIN-TV reports.

Like big corporations, which may have thousands of followers on their Twitter feeds or Facebook Likes, small businesses are trying to connect and foster deeper relationships with consumers through these networks.

“The small businesses can really run with the big dogs now because they can have a presence out there to build those relationships,” Serina Kelly, customer relations strategist and owner of Relevate, told the news outlet.

Kelly added that interacting with customers on social media sites could also build up trust and lead to greater loyalty between shoppers and the brand or business. “It doesn’t become a price thing anymore when people are coming in your store,” she said.

Admittedly, the technology and time commitment behind a successful social media campaign may seem overwhelming to an entrepreneur who is not familiar with the platforms. However, advertising agency The BLU Group recently releaseda free guide to social networks that aims to explain how small businesses can utilize customer review websites, location-based services (such as foursquare) and the more popular social sites to drum up revenues and draw more customers.