Lucy has a degree in graphic and web design from Alexandria Technical College in Alexandria, MN. In addition to being an experienced designer for traditional media, Lucy has been designing and developing websites since joining BLÜ and continually educates herself with new trends and techniques in the worlds of print and web design.

5 Great Browser Tools for Website Designers

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular and widely used web browsers today. As a web designer, there are a lot of different browser tools at your disposal as well as computer programs. Personally, I use Firefox as my primary browser and Safari as my secondary browser. Both of these browsers have add-ons that aid me in building and working on websites. Firefox specifically has a bunch of great add-ons/plugins that are great for web designers. My top five are:

  • Firebug – Integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of web development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.
  • Web Developer – Adds various web developer tools to a browser.
  • IE NetRenderer – It will enable you to get a screenshot of the current page as rendered by different versions of Internet Explorer. Once you select the browser version you want to see a screenshot of, then a new tab is opened with your screenshot.
  • Firesizer – Provides a menu and status bar to resize the window dimensions to a specific size. Unlike other similar extensions, this one sets the size of the entire window, not just the HTML area.
  • Colorzilla – Assists web developers and graphic designers with color related tasks – both basic and advanced. You can get a color reading from any point in your browser, quickly adjust this color and paste it into another program.

If you haven’t used any of these I highly recommend checking them out. There are a lot more add-ons for Firefox that I use in addition to these, but these are among my favorites. What about you? Do you have browser add-ons that you love to use when building a site?