Are you creating your own press?

One of the easiest things to do to get press is to go get it yourself.

If your company is hosting a benefit dinner for charity with elected officials, business executives, philanthropists, school officials, and local celebrities write a press release and send it out to every media outlet in the city. Then follow up with them three days later to make sure they received the press release and invite them to attend on the guest list — treat the press well and they will treat you well.

If your business recently hired a new CEO and is planning on developing more commercial real estate in the city, hold a press conference focused on the economic growth of the community, then field questions from the public and the press.

If you have a new product launching that will make life easier for anyone that will use it, go on a tour — tour the region with free samples, product demonstrations and business meetings with potential retailers. If you’re good, press will follow you and you will be able to impact many people along the way, all while building a regional brand.

If you simply hang out in your office making sales calls and hoping for a “yes” on the other line you are in for some slow days. Create something out of nothing and communicate with the world what you want to do. If you have a message that people want to hear they will listen, and more importantly they will talk.