Be Aware of Domain Registry Scams

Companies are trying to rip you off!

This plain and simple truth refers to your domain names.

Every now and then our clients receive letters in the mail (click here for example) from various companies telling them their domain(s) is about to expire. Although this notice comes from a legitimate company and the domain may be set to expire, the letter actually is a rip off. Why? Because you would end up paying 3-5 times more than you have to!

Here’s an easy solution, if you get a letter like this, contact your current provider for assistance or give us a call at 608.519.3070. If you handle this aspect of your business yourself and are already paying $25-$60 for a domain name (anything more than $10 is too much – .mobi and .co excluded), ignore the letter and visit to save 75% or more.

One more thing – if you want to eliminate getting these notices all together, add Private Registration to your domain/account. This protects you from being spammed by companies like Domain Registry of America.