Branding Your Social Media Networks

Integrating social media into your web presence is not only a great way to interact with your customers, but also to get the word out about you and your business. When bringing social media into the mix, be sure to keep your brand and audience in mind.

Will your customers be more likely to have a Facebook account vs. a Twitter account? Will they be more interested in your YouTube channel than your Facebook page? Once you have those questions answered, design those social media pages around your brand platform. Today I’ll focus on Twitter.

Now, when I say design I fully understand that you will have to keep within the guidelines already set forth by those specific social media outlets you choose. This just means you have to get creative. With Twitter you get to pick the colors for your page, your profile picture, and add a background. These guidelines are the same for everyone, this way Twitter pages stay the same in layout, but design wise they can get pretty creative. I’ve seen some backgrounds that are just beautiful mosaics of color and design, while others contain contact information, photography, and maybe some more information about the person or company.

When getting ready to design your Twitter background keep in mind that the Twitter content area (where all the information and tweets are) is always centered on the page, and that there is always the possibility that your background will be viewed on different screen sizes. So the width around the content area can and will change by screen size.

A good place to get inspiration for your Twitter background is…Twitter. Start looking at a variety of pages, businesses, artists, athletes, actors, etc. You’ll be surprised at all the creative ways that these pages have been branded to integrate with the rest of their brand components, i.e. website, print materials, commercials, and other social media outlets.

So what are you waiting for? Go design a great-looking Twitter page that is in line with your brand. If you get stuck along the way, or have any questions, give us a call at 608.519.3070 or shoot us an e-mail( We would be happy to help. And don’t forget about YouTube, Facebook, Foursquare, etc.