Classic Cars: A Study in Design

Winona Car Show - Blue Bel AirLast weekend my husband and I went to the Steamboats Days car show in Winona, Minnesota. We love going to car shows – my husband for the cars and what’s under the hood and me, a graphic designer, for all the different designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. I particularly love the beautiful Bel Airs and Impalas from the 1950’s.

Cars back then had such style and flair. The muscle cars may not have been as streamlined as the cars of today; however, they’re called muscle cars for a reason. They are like boats in many ways – long hoods, gigantic trunks, big seats, and open interiors that make you feel like you’re cruising down the road as you would in the open sea.

A classic car’s style doesn’t just come from its size and interiors, but also from its colors and lines. Classic cars, for one, have so much chrome on them they shine and sparkle like crazy. Add to that the unique lights (bullet lights for example), hood ornaments, fins, curb feelers, colors, and the list goes on – you have a pretty interesting and beautifully designed machine.

As a study in design, cars (new and old) are great examples for both professionals and novices alike. The clean lines, simple design, unique colors, and little details all play a significant role in both the automobile and the advertising worlds. Just like in our world of graphic design – it’s good to mix things up a bit to be different and stand out from the crowd.

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