Where Did Coca Cola Go? The Answer Will Amaze You.

Where did Coca Cola go?Coca Cola has announced that they will not be spending any money on advertising. Instead, the global company will be spending that money on relief efforts in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan. “Any committed advertising space will be redirected to the relief and rebuilding efforts for the people in Visayas,” Coca-Cola’s statement on Tuesday read. Coca Cola has already donated $2.5 million in cash, nearly $600,000 in bottled water, and $1 million through the American National Red Cross. “We have a long-standing commitment to extend aid to our affected associates and their families, as well as for our communities locally,” said Juan Ramon Felix, Asia Division Director, Coca-Cola FEMSA, “and with our unique capacity to lend a helping hand to these communities, we will ensure that we will continue to provide support through this difficult time.” What other companies have put a great deal of effort and money to give aid to victims of a tragic event? Share your favorite stories below. Source: Sunny Skys