Finding Inspiration

We all have those days that it’s not as easy to come up with a great idea or design. It’s those days that we need to call on brainstorming sessions and designs we have found to inspire us. As a designer, ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere. A unique bubble gum packaging, magazine ad, poster design, website, or stationery set all could give you inspiration in one-way or another. But where are these things found and how are they captured and kept for future reference?

Well, it’s simple. Look around you and record what you see and find. Two of the tools that I carry with me are:

  • A small point-and-shoot camera for taking photos (this is always with me)
  • A notebook or pad to sketch in and take notes with (usually this is in my purse or in my car)

At home I also have totes and boxes that holds posters, merchandise, packaging, and a whole slew of other pieces. On my computer at home and at work I have folders and bookmarks for interesting finds online.

With these tools you can record pretty much anything for future reference. But what about those pieces you find that sketches and photos just don’t do justice? For example, a unique piece of packaging that you found at the grocery store. If it isn’t too expensive or if you have a friend that likes whatever that product is – buy it. Then either give it to your friend with the stipulation that you want the packaging back or be adventurous and try it for yourself. I’ve discovered many new interesting products this way.

Inspiration is everywhere. Keep your eyes and mind open with your camera and/or pencil at the ready.