How to Handle Negative Comments on Social Media

Punching a computerLet’s face it; no one likes to be criticized. When managing a social media page (or multiple pages), you can expect to get your fair share of negativity and rude comments from fans. You may even have bad days where all you feel like doing is drop-kicking your computer and calling it quits. But before you rack up hundreds of dollars in damages, read these tips on how to keep your cool when handling negative comments.

1. Don’t take it personally – When people complain about your business, you have to realize that the comments are not directed at YOU. If you jump on the defensive right away, you could miss out on a legitimate issue. Take a deep breath, brush it off, and talk to them. Most customers just want to be heard, and will be happy that you took the time to acknowledge them.

2. Apologize – The first thing you should do is apologize, even if you think their complaint does not merit an apology. The nice thing about using social media is being able to mask your emotions. Even if you’re scowling while typing your apology, they will never know.

3. Take it offline –Let the user know that you would like to discuss the issue further, and provide your contact information. By taking it offline, you can prevent additional negative comments, as well as offer the user something as a resolution (gift card, discount, etc.), without broadcasting it to other users. If you reward a customer for negative feedback online, other users may give negative feedback to get a similar reward.

4. If all else fails…delete – You never want to simply delete a negative comment from a fan, but if the comment is malicious, inappropriate, or completely false, you have every right to delete it. Deleting a comment should be a last resort, but it is a necessary option is some situations.

It’s impossible to eliminate all negative comments (in business and in life), but it IS possible to change how you react to it. Aside from the business-related things that you can do to deal with negativity, you should find somethingoutside of work that you enjoy. Filling your life with things that make you happy will help you deal with high-stress situations (i.e. the “drop-kick your computer” type of days).

The most important factor in dealing with stress is to know when to seek out help. You are ONE person, and sometimes you need a little help along the way. If managing your social media is causing you more stress that you care to handle, give us a call: (608) 519-3070.