Should Your Company Ring in the New Year with a Logo Update?

Outdated logos are not bad, but irrelevant logos (and those that were poor to begin with) could be.

Is your brand ready for the New Year or does it need an update? Is your brand still relevant to your consumers or is there starting to be some disconnect? How do you start a brand update?

First let’s examine your audience.

Who are you targeting your brand to? Are they the same as they always have been or do you have a new audience? It is important not to dive right into the look and feel of your brand identity change without looking at who your audience is. Keep in mind that your brand is the promise you make to your customers about your values, ideals, and position. Your brand is what your customers experience every time they do business with you.

A simple face-lift of your brand will stimulate consumer awareness and create a sense of ‘something different’ or ‘new’ happening at your company. Examining whom you are marketing to helps you gain valuable insight as to what direction to go and what values to focus on.

Next comes your logo.

ABEE Inc. - Logo before and after.After you have examined your audience, then start in on the appearance of your brand – your logo. When changing your logo keep in mind the visual elements, font, colors, icons, and other imagery. Clearly establishing a meaningful logo and overall company appearance will help you express your company identity. For example, this could be as simple as taking a logo that was designed in the 1980’s and updating the imagery and font.

Keep in mind, this whole refresh/update will not happen overnight. Updating your brand is a big step and to help launch your new look and create awareness you will need to let not only your employees know, but also your consumers and media outlets. Some examples of letting consumers know about your new brand identity would be:

  • Press releases
  • Social media campaigns
  • Advertising campaigns

It may seem overwhelming but updating your brand identity can sometimes be the factor that determines success or failure. How your consumers and the public view your company affects how well your company does.

Feeling overwhelmed?

So, is your brand ready for the New Year or does it need some TLC? If you are feeling overwhelmed, lost, or unsure when starting to assess and update your brand for the New Year, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 608.519.3070. We would love to help you bring your brand into 2012 and start the New Year right. Happy Holidays!