Put things in their place.

You’re the boss. What’s your system? If you don’t have one, create one. Everything should have a place and there should be a certain way of doing things to maximize efficiency. The best part, you get to create that system for yourself.

If you have a method of saving files on the office shared folder, it will allow all of your graphic designers to share finished drafts when complete without having to ask questions and waste time communicating. If you have a template for market research for your interns to use, it will save the interns time so they are not typing a new template each time and it will save you time from formatting because all of the interns’ work will be in identical format. If you have a process in place for your account executives to use when giving a pitch to potential clients it will create a consistent image of your company and ultimately help shape your brand — what, people think you are.

How your brand functions is just as important in branding as your logo or slogan. Find your system and make it the best it can be.