Three Tips to Recharge Your Creative Batteries

Recharge your creative batteries.Taking time to step back from what you’re working on can make a big difference not only on your mental state but also your health. I try and take a break from sitting at my computer once an hour to stretch, walk around, and take a break from looking at a screen. I’ve heard that it’s even better to take a computer break every 20 minutes.

Besides taking a break from being at a computer, I also like to take breaks from a project. That way I can mentally take a step back, rethink pieces of the project, recharge my creative batteries, and just get away from the thought process I was on. Which in turn creates a better end result for that project.

Taking a project break can be as simple as walking away from my computer and/or office for a while, or working on another completely different project. Three examples to get away and recharge would be:

  • Go outside. Depending on the weather, get outside and go for a walk, bike ride, or a run. It doesn’t have to be long, just 10 – 15 minutes helps. As soon as you step outside, mentally leave the project behind you. This is your time.
  • Change your lunch spot. Instead of staying in the office to eat lunch, go out to eat. Not necessarily just going to a restaurant, but if you brought your lunch go to a park or museum. Changing your surroundings can help you take a mental break.
  • Think differently. If you’ve been working on a project for a while and have hit a creative roadblock, stop working on it. Set it down, step back from it and try another project. For example: if you were working on a website design, step back from it, and work on a brochure.

Both my professional and personal projects benefit from the above examples. Not only do they improve my mental state, but it also helps me refocus my energy and emotional state. Keeping me focused, less stressed, and in a better overall mood. What do you do to recharge your batteries?