Tips to Enhance Your Business’ Social Media Profiles

Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Amanda Maurer and I am the Social Media & SEO Strategist here at The BLU Group – Advertising & Marketing. Today I will be talking about 4 tips to enhance your business’ social media profiles. 

All social media strategies need to start with the optimization of your social profiles. 

Your profiles are usually the first thing new users look at, and often dictate how your business appears in search results. So how to you optimize your profiles? 

The first tip is to choose a Simple and Logical Screen name. 

So, let’s talk about what makes a good screen name. A good screen name is logical and simple. It makes sense. At The BLU Group, we use our full business name, The BLU Group – Advertising & Marketing. So, when you are creating your screenname, try to use the simplest, most logical choice. 

Tip number 2 is choose a Profile Picture that is recognizable and represents your brand.

The purpose of your profile picture is not to tell your brand story. The purpose is to simply convince people that you are competent, that you’re likable, and that you’re trustworthy. For businesses, the standard practice is to use your logo. 

The third tip is to choose a stand out cover or background photo.

The purpose of your cover or background photo is to continue the story about how you’re likable, trustworthy and competent. This is your chance tosShow the world what your business is passionate about. Try using a photo of your team or office, or a recent project you’ve worked on.

The fourth tip is to make it Easy For People to Know What You Do with an optimized company description.

I stumble upon profiles on a daily basis that don’t clearly explain what the company does. Try to Be as concise and blunt as possible and give users an overall snapshot of your products and services, where you are located, and any other important information about your business. Do not just fill this space with buzzwords because it might look impressive. 

Now that you have all of the tools to optimize your profiles, the next step is to start perfecting your posts. So experiment with content, timing, and remember that every post needs to give some type of value. If you have any questions about the social media tips that we discussed today, or about social media in general, give us a call at 608-519-3070, thanks for watching!