Why Use YouTube for Your Business?

Using YouTube videos for business marketing purposes is becoming more and more popular among brands around the world. That’s because those brands started to understand that customers want to see more video content from businesses. And they also became aware of the benefits a YouTube channel brings to the table.

1. It’s a free platform

Would you pass on a free opportunity to promote your business if it turns out to be highly successful?

I’m pretty certain you won’t if the payback is worth the shot.

Promoting your business is not always free. It requires investing in Google Ads, social media ads, and in all kinds of means to get your business out there. And when you are a small business that hasn’t begun to see a great ROI yet, you’re limited on how much you can spend on promotion. Fortunately, there are ways to promote your business that can generate amazing results without having to invest tons of money.

YouTube is an amazing platform for small businesses to grow their brand without having to pay for it.

Creating a YouTube channel for your business is free of charge, easy, and extremely powerful when done right. You just have to register for a Google account and, from there, setting up your YouTube channel is pretty straightforward.

Depending on the videos you’ll be creating, you may need some pieces of equipment like a decent camera, a microphone, and a tripod. For editing, you can find great video editing tools that are free and provide the basic features you’ll be needing for starters. So there’s no need to invest in a professional editing tool in the beginning.

While you have to spend some money on equipment and to invest time in content creation and promoting your channel, it’s a small and solid investment. You’ll be building a long-term promotion channel with evergreen content, unlike the temporary content on social media. After a while, you can begin making money from your YouTube channel to expand your earnings.

2. It’s an ever-growing platform

Where do you go searching for quick solutions to your problems?

Don’t know how to assemble your furniture? Need a tutorial on editing images Photoshop? In the mood for listening something motivational for a little push?

I bet that most of the time (if not every time) you head over to YouTube. Type in your query in the search bar and there you have it. A lot of videos to help solve your problems. So does a great part of the population. This behavior gained YouTube 1.58 billion users until 2018.

“The number of hours people spend watching videos on YouTube is up 60% year-over-year, the fastest growth we’ve seen in 2 years.”

People are giving up TV in favor of YouTube. In fact, statistics show that 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV.

Are you convinced now that YouTube keeps growing fast and steady?

Moreover, you have access to people all around the world. Which means an opportunity for your business to extend globally.

Using YouTube for business promotion places your brand in front of a growing audience thirsty to be entertained and educated by video content. Your audience is already there, why aren’t you?

3. Show your products and get traffic to your website

What’s the best way to familiarize prospects with your products?

That’s right — a video.

Customers trust businesses’ video content more than any other kind of content. Because through videos they can actually see the products in action, not just read a description of them.

Video content is the most popular type of content today, and not just because of YouTube. Videos are taking over the internet. Videos on Facebook, for example, have the greatest reach and face the highest engagement rates.

If you can demonstrate the benefits of your products or services through video content, your prospects will be more likely to trust your business and become customers.

Do the sales for your business occur on your website?

That’s fine. Using YouTube to promote your business doesn’t mean that your audience has to be sold directly on YouTube’s platform.

It’s easy to drive viewers from your YouTube videos to your website with the use of calls to action. When you let people know about your website in the video and tell them to check it out, most of the time they’ll do as they were told.

Moreover, viewers coming to your website through the YouTube videos already know about you. They’re aware of who you are and what you have to offer. This makes them more open to purchasing your services or products.

4. Build awareness & credibility

How do people become aware of your brand?

How do you make potential clients trust your business?

Most businesses focus on their website to do the job. Or use social media platforms to grow the awareness for their brand and gain more credibility in their services. While social media is not something to overlook and should be part of every business marketing strategy working to become successful, it’s not the only free option to get your brand into the spotlight.

Creating a YouTube business page is an easy way to build credibility for the services or products you have to offer. You won’t be using the YouTube business channel just to show your products and directly promote your brand. You’ll also use it to form a genuine connection with possible prospects.

YouTube gives you a chance to show how proficient you are in your field. You can teach people skills related to your niche, give them advice, show them behind the scenes of your business. With these kinds of content, people will get to know what stands behind your brand.

Think about it for a moment. You need to hire a company to handle your social media platforms. Who would you hire? A company you can read a bit about on their website, or a company that also has a YouTube channel educating people about how to successfully use social media for businesses? I trust the second one would have a greater impact on your decision because you have proof they know what they’re doing.

5. Attract clients with your expertise

Do you have real knowledge in your field? I believe you do.

So why not share that knowledge with others to let them know you’re an expert in your niche?

This will give you a huge advantage in front of your competition because you’ll be perceived as an authoritative figure in the field. It will also help you get new clients by demonstrating you’re a great fit for the job.

Even if you offer digital services or you are a local business, building a YouTube channel where you share the insides of your niche is a step further in growing your business. Setting yourself as an expert will make viewers ask for your services.

Let’s say you are an interior designer. You start a YouTube channel where you give people tips on how to chose the colors for their homes, what materials to pick for the living-room, and how to make the kitchen more practical. People will see your videos and will be excited by your expertise. Some may think “She clearly knows what she’s doing. Why not hire her to design my home instead of doing a poor job myself?”.

Building a YouTube channel can make a huge difference in a small business marketing strategy working to get the firsts clients. And can also help more established brands to grow their business even further.

Source: drsoft.com