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Client Testimonials

Satisfied clients make us happy

Bob and Maggie Braun, Camp Directors at WeHaKee Camp for Girls

Bob and Maggie Braun, Camp Directors at WeHaKee Camp for Girls

“They Listened!”

Several years ago we realized at WeHaKee Camp for Girls that we needed professional assistance with creating a new and effective web presence. So we contacted several marketing firms. All of them offered impressive credentials and attractive potential. However, one of them stood out beyond the others for one very simple reason – they listened! Before they entered a single keystroke, they listened to what we were seeking and they listened to who we were. And when they eventually presented their plans to us it was clear they truly understood what WeHaKee Camp for Girls was all about – they knew how to tell our story.

Tony and his professionals at The BLÜ Group continue to listen to us. And they often take what they hear further than our initial expectations, offering suggestions and ideas we had not previously considered. They stay ahead of the curve with the fluid updates and changes that are a constant when it comes to web design and SEO. Our prospects consistently share how inviting and accessible their experience has been with our website and we frequently hear how easily they found us on Google and other search engines – often in the top three listings!

As a camp director who has to recruit campers and staff, manage and enhance program, oversee the maintenance of a large facility, there is little time to learn and understand the ever-changing algorithms of AdWords and other online advertising tools. The BLÜ Group has managed that for us with great results. Our enrollment continues to grow every year. And even during the economic downturn in 2008, we maintained our enrollment when other camps’ registrations were dropping by 35 to 50%.

They have also mentored us in creating an effective and inviting social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. We often do the posting, but BLÜ is always monitoring our activity and offering ideas to enhance our brand.

Our email marketing approaches have been highly successful as well. The BLÜ Group team has helped by creating templates, editing our posts with stronger, more appealing messages, and offering timing tips to get the most out of our e-messages. They have also created and managed an e-newsletter format that our families have come to enjoy each month.

With their ability to seamlessly integrate these and many other tools to increase traffic and interest in our website, The BLÜ Group has been a terrific partner in helping us tell our story and attract high quality prospects, ultimately bringing more campers to our camp each summer! It is an inspiring and motivating relationship. But above all, they still continue to excel at their best attribute – listening.

Without reservation, we recommend The BLÜ Group to anyone who is seeking to effectively & positively enhance their relevance in the digital marketing arena.

Bob Braun 
Camp Director, WeHaKee Camp for Girls

Liz Popp, Director of Marketing at Marine Credit Union

Liz Popp, Director of Marketing at Marine Credit Union

“Immediate Improvements”

Shortly after BLÜ took over our AdWords program, we saw an immediate improvement on all the metrics that mattered most to us. We saw an obvious increase in our click-thru-rates, a significant decrease in cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion, and (most importantly) our average website submissions have increased by 100+. We’re reaching more people, at a lower cost, and are converting more visitors than ever before. Evidence defeats doubt, and I can trust The BLÜ Group to deliver exceptional results with our digital [and other] marketing initiatives, every time.

Liz Popp 
Director of Marketing, Marine Credit Union

Hanson Scrap Metal Service

Hanson Scrap Metal Service

“Understood My Vision”

My name is Brian and I own Hanson Scrap Metal Service. From the first meeting I had with Tony Roberts and his staff I felt really comfortable knowing they understood my vision of the website I needed. Not only were they friendly but to the point. I can not say enough what a pleasure it was to have them as a team! Great job guys! 5 out 5 stars!

Brian Hanson
Owner, Hanson Scrap Metal

Features Sport Bar

Features Sport Bar & Grill in West Salem, WI

“Tony Pushed Us to be Our Best”

Tony and his team at The BLÜ Group worked with our business for the last 6 years. They have always gone above our expectations of what a marketing company would do for a business. Not only did they do our marketing for us, they helped us brainstorm, participated in our events, joined our leagues, and helped us do all we could do to better our business. Tony pushed us to be our best at all times and always had the best interest of our business in mind. Thank you to Tony and his team for years of dedication to our company.

Heather Antony 
Manager, Features Sports Bar & Grill in West Salem

DeBoer Pest Control

DeBoer Pest Control

“True Professionals”

Thank you to the The BLÜ Group – Advertising & Marketing for re-designing our website and business cards! They did an excellent job with the design as well as building on to the DeBoer brand. Tony and his staff are true professionals with their work and are also very talented and creative individuals. It was a pleasure working with The BLÜ Group and we look forward to the next time! Thank you again to Tony and The BLÜ Group!

Jimmer DeBoer 
Commercial Manager, DeBoer Pest Control

Jenny Wren Hopyard and Brewery

Jenny Wren Hopyard and Brewery

“Our Original Name was Bland and Uninspired”

You know that old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” Well, I think the inverse of this folksy dictum is also true. “When you have great things to say, you should say them.” Tony and his team exceeded my expectations.

I approached Tony to create a logo, but from that first casual meeting it was clear to me that Tony understood far more than I did about not just the logo but the name of the business and what we were actually all about. With a few questions, he was off to differentiating us and helping refine who and what we are. Basically, he helped hold a mirror up and show us our identity.

So we then worked together, bouncing ideas for a better name around for a week or two. Tony didn’t pick our name, but he certainly helped us avoid some pitfalls in the naming process. Finding a name that not only fitted us but that we’re passionate about was priority number one. Our original name was bland and uninspired, and without Tony’s kind input and professional honesty, we might have stuck with that initial poor choice in name.

I also want to add that–out of all the parts of building this business from ground up–working with Tony has been one of the more exciting and interesting aspects. When Tony sends you a message “Check your email,” you get excited because you know there’s something great waiting for you. When he says “Swing by the office if you get a second” you know things are going to be fun and interesting. Nothing as motivational as seeing so many possible options for a logo design, and then watching them change and morph in the hands of pros to become exactly what you’re happy with! Here’s the interesting thing. When we started out, we had something in mind, a preconceived design idea and a name that we were okay with. Not enthused about, but okay with. After working with Tony and his team, we got something better than what we had imagined, both in terms of name and logo.

I highly recommend a sit down with Tony and his team to everyone seeking logo design or identity refinement. I know that once we’re up and running, I’ll be stopping by his offices for some more brainstorming on future projects and brand development. They worked fast, had great senses of humor. When you work with Tony and his team, you don’t just become a valued client; you gain a friend and an ally. As a startup small business in a very large industry, that’s exactly what we needed.

David Krump 
Owner, Director of Operations, Jenny Wren Hopyard & Brewery

The Good Fight Community Center

The Good Fight Community Center

“Clean, Crisp, and Original!”

I hired The BLÜ Group advertising agency to design a logo/website and create a marketing plan for a community center that I founded. I spoke with Tony who set up a meeting with his team. They spent an hour discussing my idea. What I envisioned, what our organization wanted to achieve, who I wanted to attract, etc. They began work immediately and one week later they had three ideas for us to choose from. We love our logo and design. It is clean, crisp, and original!

The BLÜ Group explained that because they wanted to be involved with the community around them that my project they felt was important to the community and would provide their service AT ZERO COST!

THIS has been an amazing ride and I never felt like they weren’t personally involved in my success!

The Good Fight Community Center will be always grateful for the support and great work done by the folks at The BLÜ Group. This entire project has been an amazing experience! I would completely recommend them to anyone with a design project! They are smart, wonderfully talented, and dedicated to providing a great experience!

Nathaniel Coleman Jr. 
Executive Director, The Good Fight Community Center

Timm Schaetz, President, HART Design

Timm Schaetz, President, HART Design & Manufacturing

“The BLÜ Group Formula Worked for Us”

Tony and his team at The BLÜ Group have been great to work with. From the start, Tony had a working understanding of our business. He did this by researching our company and our competition extensively before our first meeting. He knew what what we needed to surpass the competition and really set us up for success. After our first meeting, he developed an encompassing plan to get our search results higher, extend our website reach further, and improve our presence in our current and new markets. He and his team were spot on and we are already seeing results. They are pros at smart websites, social media, branding, SEO, and making certain that all of those work together to promote our brand. The BLÜ Group formula worked for us and I would highly recommend them to anyone. 

Timm Schaetz 
President, HART Design & Manufacturing

Kris Nandory, Business Mgr, Misty's Dance and Ex-Owner, U-Bake

Kris Nandory, Business Mgr, Misty's Dance and Ex-Owner, U-Bake

“Highly Recommend”

I’ve always been grateful for The BLÜ Group. They have always went out of their way to help me in any fashion I needed. I would highly recommend them to your business or organization!

Kris Nandory 
Business Mgr, Misty’s Dance and Ex-Owner, U-Bake

Scott Gumz, CEO at Body

Scott Gumz, CEO at Body & Sol of Wisconsin Inc. and SKG Entertainment

“Exceed my Expectations!”

The BLÜ Group continues to exceed my expectations! I’m grateful to be a business partner with BLÜ!

Scott Gumz 
CEO, Body & Sol of Wisconsin Inc. and SKG Entertainment

Maria Peterson, Principal at Access Commercial Real Estate

Maria Peterson, Principal at Access Commercial Real Estate

“Very Generous When it Comes to Non-Profit/Pro Bono Projects”

The BLÜ Group is very creative in coming up with marketing ideas and strategies that have helped our business grow. They stick to timelines and always deliver results on time. They offer great ideas and suggestions for web design improvements and success.

Tony and The BLÜ Group are also very generous when it comes to non-profit/pro bono projects. They are always willing to step up and help out for great causes. Their creativity and enthusiasm help further the mission of several charitable organizations in our area and their involvement is greatly appreciated.

Maria Peterson 
Principal, Access Commercial Real Estate

Bernard-Buehrle Wealth Management

Bernard-Buehrle Wealth Management

“Delivered the Project on Time and Within Budget”

The BLÜ Group did an amazing job! They delivered the project on time and within budget. But the most important detail is the quality of work. Great job The BLÜ Group!!


Jason Bernard-Buehrle 
Owner, Bernard-Buehrle Wealth Management

Kevin Gordon, Owner of Camp Kupugani / Camp White Eagle

Kevin Gordon, Owner of Camp Kupugani / Camp White Eagle

“Thoughtful, Strategic, Brand-Focused, and Dedicated to the Success of Our Business”

The BLÜ Group was recommended to me from another camp that they have worked with for the past few years. Consistently, from our initial conversations and throughout every subsequent interaction, I have found them to be thoughtful, strategic, brand-focused, and dedicated to the success of our business. They are well versed in a variety of disciplines and are always open to my ideas. The BLÜ Group team went above and beyond my expectations with our new website design and social media marketing. I hope to continue working with this agency for years to come, and recommend them highly.

Kevin Gordon 
Owner, Camp Kupugani / Camp White Eagle

Tim Kolek, Commercial Lender at Seven Bridges Bank

Tim Kolek, Commercial Lender at Seven Bridges Bank


The entire staff at The BLÜ Group is as professional as they come. Results-oriented and a pleasure to work with. I’d have no reservations in working with The BLÜ Group again.

Tim Kolek 
Commercial Lender, Seven Bridges Bank

Kim Zinda, Vice President Marketing at Kaplan Professional

Kim Zinda, Vice President Marketing at Kaplan Professional

“Embraces New Ideas, Technologies, and Marketing Innovations”

Tony is a high-energy marketer who embraces new ideas, technologies, and marketing innovations to lead his client’s marketing efforts. He has a passion for the business and for solving problems which I believe is key to his success.

Kim Kinda 
Vice President Marketing, Kaplan Professional

Scott Zuehlke, Owner of Scott Zuehlke Photography, Inc

Scott Zuehlke, Owner of Scott Zuehlke Photography, Inc

“Always has Great Ideas and Looks at Everything”

I have worked with Tony and The BLÜ Group for many years in the advertising industry. Tony is one of the most outgoing business professionals that I know. He always has great ideas and looks at everything from a positive point of view. Tony is a very creative and hard working business owner. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a great partnership and some awesome advertising.

Scott Zuehlke 
Owner, Scott Zuehlke Photography, Inc


O'Brien & Associates

“Helped our Agency to Network”

The BLÜ Group has helped our agency to network with our over 200 employees nationwide and expand our bottom line in the end. Great to work with.

Ed O’Brien 
President/CEO, O’Brien & Associates

HorseSense for Special Riders

HorseSense for Special Riders

“Pleasure to Work with”

The BLÜ Group is a pleasure to work with. Their work was always on time and exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend The BLÜ Group to anyone who has web design or marketing needs.

Maggie McDonald 
Executive Director, HorseSense for Special Riders

Curtis 1000

Curtis 1000

“Marketing and Design Needs”

I have had the pleasure of working with The BLÜ Group over the past couple of years. They have been able to assist some of my customers with their marketing and design needs and have always been a pleasure to work with. I will continue to use the team at BLÜ when the need arises as well as recommend them to my customers.

Eric King 
Business Solutions Consultant, Curtis 1000

Ann Abraham, Treasury Management Officer at Bremer Bank

Ann Abraham, Treasury Management Officer at Bremer Bank

“We had a Measurable Increase”

I’ve witnessed, first hand, the impact a BLÜ Group ad campaign can bring to a firm. I’m a board member of the Coulee Region Humane Society. We worked with The BLÜ Group on a campaign to improve the number of animal licenses purchased. The BLÜ Group created the “If you love me, license me.” campaign and we had a measurable increase in the number of licenses purchased. Tony and his team deliver!

Ann Abraham 
Treasury Management Officer, Bremer Bank

Kristy Wenz, Owner of Endura Communications

Kristy Wenz, Owner of Endura Communications

“Simply a Creative Genius”

Tony is quite simply a creative genius. He starts each of his projects by gaining a full understanding of his clients’ needs, requirements and goals. He then draws from his vast experience and industry expertise to create strategic plans to help his clients achieve their goals. He has surrounded himself with a strong, talented and dedicated group of professionals that provide high quality service and proven results.

Kristy Wenz 
Owner, Endura Communications

J.B. Steel

J.B. Steel

“Very Pleased with the Process and the Finished Product”

The BLÜ Group just finished a complete update of our website. We were very pleased with the process and the finished product. The BLÜ Group team made it easy from start to finish. We appreciate that The BLÜ Group made an effort to understand our business and tailored the website to our needs. The process was timely and produced an end result with which we are very happy.

Nelson Brown 
President, J.B. Steel

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