10 Free Content Creation Apps You Need Now

In today’s marketing, content is everything.

Content creation tools enable you to make engaging, unique content that delivers your message to your target audience. Thanks to these 10 free content creation tools, it’s easier than ever to create and share amazing content without investing in expensive imaging software.

They’re definitely worth checking out.

1. Canva – Freemium content creation tool Canva is an affordable Photoshop alternative. Create content downloads using free design modules. If you want to purchase premium design elements, these are just $1. Canva’s drag and drop interface is easy to use and makes graphic design simple yet elegant. 

2. QuotesCover – Quote pictures are all over Instagram and Pinterest. Turn inspirational quotes into elegant cover images for your blog posts or social media with a few simple clicks. 

3. Giphy – Create your own amazing animated gifs or stickers for free with Giphy. Or browse their library of thousands. Find that perfect animated gif to make your blog post shareable, favorite gifs to use later, and even convert a gif to share on Instagram and generate social buzz. 

4. PlaceIt – Need to insert your content into a photo? Use PlaceIt. Users can download a single small video or image for free. Drag and drop from your image editor to replace the generic screen content with a screenshot of your app for instant branding.  

5.  Recite – Similar to QuoteCover, Recite allows you to turn any phrase into a quote. With dozens of high-resolution image templates and the ability to instantly share your quote socially, Recite could not be easier to use. 

6. Storify – Live blog events, curate hashtagged content, or tell your story in a more engaging manner with Storify, a content creation and archival tool that helps you create, organize, and share image content. 

7. Visme – Easily create amazing presentations, reports, product presentations, or infographics with Visme. Visme lets you visually enhance content and bring data to life using your web browser and their content creation tool. The free license supports up to 3 projects at a time. To remove Visme branding, you’ll need to upgrade your plan. 

8. Thinglink – Add rich media links to images with Thinglink, a freemium interactive solution. Thinglink allows you to insert rich media links into images, increasing engagement and omnichannel marketing. The basic plan is free and allows you to test the potential of interactive images for up to 10,000 views/month. 

9. – offers template-aided infographic creation for simple data visualization. Bring survey results to life, convince and convert with statistics, or better tell your brand story with infographic templates. Or, upload and create your own amazing infographic. 

10. Portent’s Content Idea Generator – Stumped for blog posts ideas? Type your keyword into this free tool to receive a blog post prompt and click-worthy title. You’re on your own for the content writing, however. 

These 10 tools are more than capable of meeting your content creation needs and they could not be easier to use. So go out and make the best use of them to tell your story and increase ROI.

Source: Social Media Today