4 jQuery Plug-Ins for Website Developers

Recently I’ve been working with a variety of different jQuery plug-ins on websites and wanted to share three of my favorites.

1. Nivo Slider – Photo slideshow with a lot of different customizing options and effects. Learn more about the Nivo Slider here.

2. Galleria – A simple JavaScript image gallery framework. What’s nice with Galleria is that they have a lot of different themes (at an added cost per theme) that not only handle images, but also works with Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, and Vimeo. Check out the Galleria website to learn more about this great plug-in.

3. drPlayer – A playlist of mp3 files with simple styling. This player/playlist uses Flash along with jQuery to get the desired result. 

Each of these have been customized in some way for the site they’ve been used in, and are all connected to a database that feeds them information. Keep in mind when using jQuery that different plug-ins use different versions of jQuery script (i.e. jquery-1.3.js), that can cause the plug-ins to conflict with each other and not work. Usually this can be fixed by moving each call to the script around (one above the other), or seeing if both plug-ins can run off just one of the scripts instead of both.

What are some of your favorite jQuery plug-ins? We would love to hear about what’s working well for you and your clients.