Fresh to death.

How do you stay fresh, stay relaxed, and keep the office a positive place to conquer the world?

Here’s 10 ways to stay fresh:

  1. Hire a masseuse for the office during the last week of every month.
  2. Have a weekly industry related game for all in the office — it will keep people competitive, motivated and relaxed. Make sure there is a reward for the winner ($10 is usually enough to excite people).
  3. If fitting for your industry, start an office softball team, or any other sport for that matter.
  4. Holiday Parties – this is a no-brainer.
  5. “Idea Teams” – Idea Teams are groups of coworkers from different departments that meet weekly to brainstorm ideas using their different skill sets. This fosters a strong relationship between departments and creates ideas that normally would never come to life.
  6. Cleaning Days – Doesn’t sound fun (because it’s not) but throw on some tunes and clean up the office as a team. A clean office is a clean mind.
  7. Art work – Have each employee bring in a piece of artwork for the office. Make the office a creative place to live.
  8. Reading material – Industry related publications are a great way for employees to relax and stay focused, not to mention up to date.
  9. Energy drinks, coffee, water, etc. – If you can afford it, it doesn’t hurt to keep your employees fueled for the day. Some of the best ideas come during a Red Bull break.
  10. Video games – A little Wii never hurt anyone.

Have fun, stay fresh, and make things happen. The office should be a place where people want to accomplish great things, not just go to work.