It’s opposite day.

Babies don’t have girlfriends, yachts, or eat lobster, but they do in E-trade commercials.

Computers don’t wear suits, jeans, and t-shirts or look like people for that matter, but they do in Apple commercials.

Troy Polamalu is not 2 feet tall and does not get pulled from a tree stump on February 2nd, but he does in truTV commercials.

Start catching people off guard. Do the opposite of what they would expect. Or better, do what no one would expect at all. The easiest way to do this is to consciously challenge your own mind; if you come up with an idea, ask yourself what the opposite of that idea is. Will that work? Will it be better? Or maybe you come up with the opposite of the opposite? It sounds confusing and like it will leave you where you started, but give it a try. Your mind will only take you back where you started if you let it. Do something you wouldn’t expect yourself to do.