Got an itch? Scratch someone else’s back first.

Life is a back and forth chain of interactions between individuals. Business is no different. A clothing store offers a college freshman the newest look and the coed offers the store a handful of new customers. A baker provides a church with free donuts every Sunday and the church lets the baker advertise for free to all of its 500 parishioners. An online catalog gives away a free T-shirt if you sign up for their monthly newsletter and solicitations.

Sometimes, take that back, MOST of time, we have to give in order to get. We live in an era where we cannot just sell a product or a service; weave to make other’s lives better. We have to add value where there was none. We cannot just sell a T-shirt; we have to sell a lifestyle. We cannot sell donuts and baked goods; we have to sell a community business that cares. We cannot SPAM people out of nowhere; we have to give them an incentive to send them information about what we offer.

Scratch someone’s back and you’ll stopping itching as well.