In the Brand Spotlight

Whether you are a business professional, student, celebrity, or even a band member you are always in some type of spotlight. Always being looked at to uphold the brand you represent – your company, school, etc. This was really brought to my attention while I was at Rock Fest a couple weekends ago.

While at Rock Fest, my friends and I had the opportunity to meet some of the bands. Exciting? Heck yes! Was it what I thought it was going to be, kind of – not really. It depended on the band what would happen at the Meet & Greet. With some bands you would get your photo taken with them and get their autograph(s). Others you would only get a photo with them or their autograph(s). Which is fine – I understand that there are time constraints and that there maybe only time for one or the other; or that the band/manager only wants there to be photos, autographs, or both. Understandable. However, the least that they (the band) can do when their fans purchase Meet & Greet tickets is to greet them. Say hello, thank your fans for coming, ask them if their having a good time, introduce yourself, etc. Most of the bands that we got to meet did greet us and seemed interested in our responses. Which makes a big difference to that particular fan that spent the money to see you. Not only spent the money for the ticket to Rock Fest, but also for a Meet & Greet ticket.

This same principle goes for companies and their customers. The fan/customer that is that interested and loves your band/company that much is a big deal. Support that interest, let them know you care that they are there to see you – to meet you. That little bit of support can leave a big impression. Especially since one band can see as many as 30 fans in one Meet & Greet. Those fans – if shown/given a good experience with the band – will spread the good feelings and experience to others that weren’t with them, the same goes for a bad experience. It’s like when you drop a pebble in a pond and the ripples start to spread out. Would you want your fan/customer to spread good ripples or bad ones? Every interaction counts and is an opportunity in the brand spotlight to spread good, or bad, experiences. Take the time for your fans and show them you care.