My Internship Experience at The BLU Group


Kayla Lenz, Intern ExtraordinaireBeing a college student I always got asked the same questions. What’s your major? Why did you choose that? What do you want to do with your degree? For me, I went into school as a declared marketing major and stayed on the same course and graduated with a degree in marketing. I always knew it was something I wanted to do, but what I didn’t realize was how much there was to the field of marketing.

After taking multiple different marketing classes I had no idea what I wanted to do within the field. I could see myself doing so many different things; it was hard to focus in on just one aspect. That’s when I decided I wanted to start looking for internships to see if I would actually enjoy working in the field I planned on starting my career in. I did a few different internships that I did learn a lot from, but couldn’t see myself working there in the long term. That’s when I heard about The BLU Group.

I did some looking around and saw on the website it said “Do you think you have what it takes to join the BLU CRU? Send us an e-mail.” Now, growing up I was pretty quiet and shy, and I had never applied for something that wasn’t a straight forward application; so this was pretty scary for me. But I sent in my resume and it paid off, because I got the internship! After that I was scared but very excited for my first day. When I got here everyone was super friendly, made me feel welcome, and always made sure I knew it was ok to ask questions and voice my opinion.

In my short time here so far I have already learned so much. I started out shadowing to see what goes into everything that happens here and doing research to learn more about our clients. Recently I have started to work on research and assignments for projects, social media, and other internal work. I am still learning every day and am excited for everything else I will be able to learn in the rest of my time here.

Being an intern at The BLU Group, I can see what the professional world is like and enjoy being a part of it. I can actually see myself continuing to work at an advertising and marketing agency in the future! I am very grateful for having such an amazing opportunity that can really put my degree in marketing into perspective, and turn it into something real.

Kayla Lenz