That one little thing.

Most people never find that one little thing. It takes time to. Most of the time we do not even know what that one little thing is, even when we have been doing it all along. But it is that one little thing that separates us from the rest. It is little but it is big. It changes the way people look at you. Once you find it, it is yours to control.

It could be that people needed a way to keep their hand from getting hot when they hold their paper coffee cups every morning.

It could be that the President of the United States of America drinks your tea everyday.

It could be that you find away to help thousands of people by giving away one unit to those in need for every unit sold.

Find that one little thing that you do better. These opportunities are all around us, they are just the hardest ones to recognize. Look for it and embrace it. And don’t forget to be patient.