The Importance of the Presentation

Many times the Creative Director or Designer on the project will present the creative concept to the client in an agency, but there are times when as an Account Executive you will need to take on the role of presenter.

Presenting the creative concept is so much more than simply saying, “here is your design, what do you think?” or sending it via e-mail and asking for feedback. It’s all about the set-up of the big idea. Before you even reveal the concept, start by painting the picture by describing the following:

  1. The goal of the campaign or piece
  2. The big idea behind the concept
  3. How the concept will achieve the goal

If done right, your client should be on the edge of their seat at this point, eager to see how what you have designed will make their target want what they are selling.

I was reminded of the importance of the presentation last week, when walking through billboard concepts with a client that owns a couple small boutique specialty foods stores. One of the concepts, while still having the same big idea as the more conservative options, was slightly outside the box. Internally we loved this concept and thought it was the strongest for this campaign. By taking the time and painting the picture of her target audience and their thought process, then tying in the big idea with how the creative accomplishes their goal, I was able to show her how the concept worked and ultimately was the strongest. She loved it.

If I wouldn’t have taken the time to present the concept and walk her through it, she may not have been able to see the big picture and may have decided to go with one of the concepts that were more conservative, staying in her comfort zone. Taking the time to present creative concepts will show the strategic thinking behind everything the agency does. It is another way of demonstrating your deep understanding of their brand and leading them to help it evolve in a way that will grow their business. No matter how big or small the project, it is a step in the agency processes that should never be skipped.