What next?

You just had a great idea. Now what?

Your new innovative product hit the shelves today. What about tomorrow?

The statewide conference that you organized and hosted ended 15 minutes ago. Do you just go home now?

If you do something great, you should do something great again. In order to do this focus on how you think, not what you are thinking about, but also don’t lose focus.

The great idea that your boss loved so much was not a result of you thinking about selling widgets, it was a bi-product of you thinking about why a customer would want to buy a widget and what you can do to make the buying process fun for the consumer. Your groundbreaking innovative product that revolutionized your industry came to life not because you were thinking about your current product line but because you thought about how you could meet a need that no one has met before. The statewide conference that you spent the last six months organizing to bring together elected officials, small business owners, financial institutions, and community activists together broke many barriers between industries due to the fact that you asked, ” We have had 58 small businesses close statewide this year and not one reopen. How can we solve this problem?”

You did something great because of how you are. Keep at it.