It was alright…

Most restaurants’ food is alright. Most retail outlets’ customer service is alright. Most musicians’ live performance is alright. What does it take to make something more than alright to you? Are the customer’s expectations too high? What does it mean to be alright?

Alright is not bad, it can actually mean good. But what it does mean is that whatever is alright is not unique, it’s nothing new. People see alright every single day. If they pay $25.00 for a steak, they don’t want the same steak they paid $15.00 for last week. If they get treated as if they don’t exist when they are shopping, they will just try the next store. If they think a band sounds like everyone else on the radio they will not buy concert tickets.

Strive for words like great, good, awesome, delicious, fun, life-changing, the best, thrilling, engaging, etc. How do people describe you right now? Are you happy with what people have to say about you? Are you alright with being alright? Maybe you were alright two years ago and now people say you are great? — Congratulations, don’t stop working hard! Wherever you are at, don’t be ashamed to admit that you are just alright — once you do this you can start working, start being more than alright. Alright is one step away from being something better; we are all at that step in one area or another.