Differentiate your product without offending

Have you seen the new Droid phone from Verizon? Looks pretty sweet and it probably is. But I have a real problem with their ads. They differentiate their phone by stating, “Droid does…in a world that doesn’t”

I thought about that for a second and then became pretty offended. Are they calling me lazy? Are they saying that my friends and coworkers are not productive? Do they think that the company that I work for does not put in a good effort at being excellent? Or do they just think they are better than everyone else?

“Droid does…in a world that doesn’t.” That’s some cocky stuff. It is a good thing to differentiate your brand to get people to think that your brand is the only solution to their problem — that is the whole point. But when you tell your potential customer that they suck at life and you are what they need, the consumer will not say, “Yeah, I guess I do suck…let me try your new cell phone. And here’s $200 for it too.”

The Droid will still be popular because the cell phone market has certain consumers that always purchase the latest phone and technology, their marketing aside. Verizon and Droid will remain successful, but please don’t take example from their self righteous advertisements.