Do you see the opportunity?

Opportunity is all around us. In business there is always a way to make things better. Technology can be faster and smaller. Water bottles can be thinner and more convenient. Food can taste better and still be healthy. Online shopping can be more efficient and more secure. There are ways to make gains that have yet been made in every industry.

To see this in the world around us, don’t try to think of new things, try to think of how to make things better. When the car was invented, it was an upgrade from the horse and carriage. When the coffee maker was made it was an easier way to make more coffee than filtering it by hand. When Thomas Edison (actually Humphry Davy did, according to Wikipedia) created the light bulb he was not looking to create light, that we already had. He was looking for a way to harness light, to make it better. What Thomas Edison did do was commercialize the light bulb. He saw an opportunity to expand on what was already there. And he ends up getting all the credit for the previous work as well.

That’s what you need to do. Look for ways to make things better. See the opportunities that already exist and seize them.